To produce a generation of engineering enabled in Economics, Environmental concern with Entrepreneur skills Empowered and Enthused for Sustainable Development of the society and country in the Competitive world.


  • Ensure  easy access to knowledge and state of art to the students through information highway.
  • Implementing the university curriculum in true sprit for holistic development of the student.
  • Creating infrastructure comparable to international standard.
  • Provide excellent infrastructure facilities in terms of well-equipped laboratories, well stacked library etc. that match with similar facilities available in other centers of higher learning.
  • Ensure conductive environment and equal opportunities to all the students enabling them to acquire knowledge and skills of international standards.
  • Motivate the faculty to meet the ever increasing challenges in the area of liberalization, privatization, globalization and to provide quality education to its students.
  • Offer all-round education by making it learner centric, provide quality education to all students with necessary skills and specialization that would match with the needs of the industry and relevant to the global market.
  • Provide all the necessary inputs to  its students to enable them meeting the challenges with fortitude to the changing needs of the society.
  • Transform students who enter in this “temple of learning”  into motivated and, matured professional, and above all, humane and responsible citizens of our country.